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By Sabrina Bethunin • May 2, 2016

3 Tips Improving Your Interior Design for Airbnb

Thinking of renovating your home so that you can let it out to short-term tenants?

Then, it is in your best interest to pay attention to the features and additions that your target audience would like to see in the home.

Include these in your interior design project and you can be ensured that your home stands out from the crowd and grabs the attention of potential tenants.

1. Design for easy maintenance

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You don’t want to furnish your short-term rental home with cheap items that are sure to put off your potential tenants. At the same time, you know that all your tenants may not show the same kind of care for your furnishings as you would prefer so investing heavily in expensive stuff is out too.

" Furnishing your home with cheap items is sure to put off potential tenants"

Remember that short-term rentals usually attract holiday makers, which means families with a number of kids may be frequent guests.

Choose furnishings that can stand a good bit of wear and tear and last for a reasonable time. You don’t want to keep spending on replacing all of them after each guest departs.

2. Avoid polarised designs

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You may love a Vintage or Abstract Modern look, and it’s a great idea to get your permanent residence done in these styles. Although when you are doing up your short-term rental, you do need to factor in the tastes and preferences of other folks too.

"You need to factor in the taste and preference of other folks too."

Since you don’t know who will be living in your home, the best thing is to keep in mind is what the general populace likes, and go with that. Choose neutral colours and keep it bright and happy.

3. Personalising, yes or no?

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That’s a tricky question because you don’t want your guest to feel like they are invading your personal space when they are staying at your house.

At the same time, you want to give a comfy, lived- in appearance which means you don’t want the walls and rooms to be clinically clean and free of any human sign.

"Give your home a comfy, lived-in appearance"

A good idea is to avoid highly personal items, like wedding photos or baby pictures, and replace them with landscapes or flowers. Don’t hesitate to have a few hand-made cushion covers or afghans lying around and let your taste and personality show in the curtains or rugs you choose. We advise personal preference in this case. If you do have photos on the walls of your home that you feel comfortable leaving up - then do so. Freestanding images should be removed.

Whilst you do want your home to show that someone lives there, it is also important to balance out sharing your homes personality and the privacy of your family and the comfort of your guests.

Don't hesitate to have a few hand-made cushion covers or throws lying around and let your taste and personality show in the curtains or rugs you choose.

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