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How to write the perfect Airbnb listing [Guide]

The most successful Airbnb listings use the property’s distinctive features to appeal to its target audience. Thus, property owners should understand the demographics of their typical guest and the purpose behind their stay.

In this article we break down the main components and details of Airbnb listing management, with examples being provided from one of our Sydney listings which can be accessed here


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Writing a great headline

The headline is the first element of your listing your guests will see, so it is important yours is descriptive and attention capturing. The key points of your property should be highlighted and tailored to your target audience. Where possible, we recommend including each element below in your headline:

  1. Descriptive Adjectives - Depending on the style and type of your property you may choose to use descriptive keywords such as ‘Modern’, ‘Luxurious’ or ‘Family-friendly’ to capture attention through an emotional appeal. 

  2. Location Keywords - If your property is located in location popular for tourists and travelers, you may also choose to highlight that through briefly mentioning it in the headline, introducing it as 'in the heart of the CBD’ or ‘five minutes walk to the beach’.

  3. (Optional) Property Type – Although Airbnb also has a feature which identifies the property type on each listing, it is often beneficial to also include it in your headline as this is often where guests look first.

Descriptive Adjectives  Location Key Words
Luxurious  Just minutes walk to/from…
Modern  Heart of the CBD 
Chic  Between…and...  
Cosy  Centrally located 
Spacious Walking distance from…
Family-friendly  With views of…
Stylish  …at your door




“Luxury New Apartment Close to Sydney Airport and CBD”

Selecting the right photos

Photos are the other key element which is essential in capturing the attention of potential guests. There are several criteria which should be met:

  1. The featured image should either be one where the key feature of the property is highlighted or shows the overall style of the property. Your featured image could be any room of the property as long as it compliments your headline, however, the living room is the most commonly used by hosts as it generally reveals the overall style of the property.

  2. You should include a variety of photos including at least one photo of each room as this gives guests a peace of mind knowing exactly what the property is going to look like. You may also want to include photos of building amenities (e.g. pool, gym, sauna) as well as any nearby locations.  

  3. Pictures should be well lit, well composed and of high quality which gives guests an extensive insight into the layout, cleanliness and style of the rooms.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 10.56.31 am

Writing a great description

Once guests click into your listing, they will begin investigating the details of your property.  There are four main points which you should address in this section.

  • General Overview

    This is what your guests see as soon as they click on your listing and should be a short paragraph which offers a more detailed description of what your headline has highlighted. You may also choose to include any other outstanding features about your property or its location. The main point of this section is to appeal to your target audience and capture their attention by highlighting how your property might meet their needs, thus ensuring that they continue to explore your listing.


  • The Space

    If your general overview has succeeded in persuading your potential guests to explore further, then they may click on ‘learn more about the space’ dropdown. Here, you should include a comprehensive list of all the specific features of your property. You may begin with an overview of the renovating style or layout then provide a breakdown of all the utilities provided in each room.

  • Guest access

    If you are renting out your entire property, this section should be straight forward and clearly communicate they will have full access. However, if you are renting your Airbnb in a shared space arrangement, then these terms should be clearly stated in this section. Communicating these details clearly before your guests commit to a booking will minimise the chances of future misunderstandings and inconveniences.

  • Other Things to Note

    This section is for any extra information which you would like to communicate to your guest. You may want to inform them of the thoughtful snacks you have prepared for them free of charge or extra services that may be available if required.


Finally, although focus should be places on emphasising the standout features of your Airbnb property and 'selling' it to potential guests, it is also very important for property owners to describe their space accurately.

Ask an Airbnb expert: want more information about short-term rental in Australia? Submit your question to the MadeComfy team below.



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