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3 best remote check-in solutions for Airbnb

There are many ways you may choose to have your guests check-in to your Airbnb property - from handing over the keys yourself to hiding them in a safe spot and providing instructions to your guests on where to find them.

However, these options are either very time consuming, inconvenient or lack security. In this article, we've detailed three convenient methods for you to provide self check-in to your Airbnb property. 


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airbnb check in solution: smart lock

Smart locks are an increasingly common keyless entry solution for many modern homes, and a suitable product to install in your Airbnb to save you the hassle of coordinating times with guests each time to deliver the keys. 

The smart lock passcode can often be reset at your convenience on your phone. The passcode generated will be the unique password which your guests will use to access your property for the duration of their stay. Although very convenient and secure, smart locks can be quite expensive and may require professional installation.

Pros  Cons 
  • Very secure 
  • Passcode may be changed frequently, for example, between each guest 
  • Keyless entry
  • Expensive to purchase
  • Requires professional installation


Lockboxes and key safes 

airbnb check in solution - keysafe

A less expensive alternative to smart locks, many Airbnb hosts have alternatively opted for lock boxes. Lock boxes may be attached to walls, door handles or even hidden on your property so long guests are given instructions to find and unlock them to retrieve the keys inside.

There are a wide variety of different lockboxes ranging in size and prices, however, hosts should be careful to note that lockboxes can be prone to the wear and tear of weather and temperature changes so my need to be changed more frequently.


Pros  Cons 
  • Can be hidden in discrete locations
  • May be mounted on any flat surface or attached to door handles (depends on model of lockbox). 
  • Inexpensive
  • Guests may lose keys
  • Codes will have to be changed in person
  • Can be difficult to install outside strata and apartment block properties


Key storage services

airbnb check in solution key storageThere are a variety of key storage services such which helps you store your keys for a small fee. In many large cities around the world there are companies which can help to manage and connect you to a local service provider such as a convenience store or cafe.

However, you may also consider negotiating directly with local businesses operating long hours throughout the day.  Depending on the company or the terms you have negotiated, a code is often given to both the business keeping your keys as well as your guest which acts as a password used when your guest arrives to retrieve the keys. 


Pros  Cons
  • Very safe 
  • No learning curve
  • Easy to locate
  • Option for properties where installing a key safe or smart lock is not feasible
  • Some guests may find it to be inconvenient to make an extra trip to pick up the key first before going to the property
  • Additional ongoing costs


If you need a hand managing your Airbnb property, MadeComfy can take care of everything from guest check-in, communication and cleaning. 

Our end-to-end service aims to earn you at least 40% higher returns than a long term rental, with less hassle.


Ask an Airbnb expert: want more information about short-term rental in Australia? Submit your question to the MadeComfy team below.

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