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[Video] Airbnb maintenance for short-term rentals

Watch our latest video featuring MadyComfy's maintenance coordinator, Victor as he explains the top maintenance issues that arise for Airbnb homes and how we monitor our properties to ensure guest safety and satisfaction.




Keeping on top of your property's maintenance is crucial to ensuring your guests have a great stay and leave you positive reviews. Faulty appliances or broken furniture can also create a safety hazard in your property, and leave you open to legal liability. Read below for tips and tricks to being proactive with your Airbnb property maintenance and avoid being caught out.

Looking for a comprehensive guide on how to maintain and prepare your property for the short-term rental market? Get a free copy by clicking on the link below:

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Tips on being up-to-date with property maintenance

Exterior property features: 

Cleaning and maintenance for short-term rentals is no easy task: there is a lot to consider when it comes to the exterior and interior of your property. Maintenance works differ depending on location and property type. 

If you own a house with a backyard or an outdoor swimming pool then you will need to pay extra attention to the exterior details of your home as first impressions are especially important for getting great guest reviews. 


  1. Pool - Safety of visitors should be any host's number one priority. Getting regular shock treatment ensures that your pool stays bacteria and contaminant free.
  2. Garden Scheduling your garden's maintenance according to season allows efficiency as less maintenance is required in winter when compared to summer. In the warmer season, we recommend getting a gardener to come by every two weeks and in the cooler season every 4 weeks.
  3. Aircon - Air conditioners often tend to get neglected in the cleaning process, however making sure that the filters stay clean is crucial to avoid any mould build-upSmall preventative measures at the start can save you money in the long-term can.
  4. Pest control - Double checking hard to reach places is integral to any proactive pest control measures especially in the lead up to summer. The discovery of a single bug can make or break the guest experience.

Interior property features:

For people that stay at short-term properties, if problems such as pests or a broken air conditioner occur then it can be extremely frustrating.

Therefore, to avoid such scenarios and to make sure your property is guest-ready from inside out, we recommend regular preventative and proactive maintenance.

air 2Other things to consider

  • Water system - Checking that hot and cold water are working everywhere in the property is a must, but inspecting water quality and pressure is just as important.

  • Furniture and appliances - Airbnb properties require frequent and continual care due to high guest turnover. Make sure nothing is out of place or broken because, at the end of the day, a small problem left unattended can cost you the whole appliance later on.

  • Sourcing the right professionals - Do you have a go to list of reliable handymen and tradespeople you can call on at short notice when things go wrong? At MadeComfy we can either work with your preferred trade contacts, or use our own trusted trades professionals. Alternatively, platforms such as ServiceSeeking can be used to source multiple tradesmen quotes quickly and easily.  

How do we monitor these issues?

Increasing competition in the short-term rental market means guests’ expectations are higher than ever and they can be quite unforgiving when problems such as leaking appliances surface.

At MadeComfy we offer property investors the option to put their Airbnb on autopilot as we handle everything from cleaning between each check-in and check-outs to installing preventative safety measures on a regular schedule.

Our comprehensive maintenance and housekeeping check-list covers all aspects of a property and ensuring that guests feel at home and into ease.

Ask an Airbnb expert: want more information about short-term rental in Australia? Submit your question to the MadeComfy team below.



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