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Most property owners can easily convert their place to an Airbnb for travelling guests by following simple steps. For guests, a lot of planning goes into flight reservations, car rentals, to...
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Airbnb trends for 2019 - Hotspots for property owners in Australia

Which are the top locations for the short-term rental market in 2019? In this blog post, we feature the hotspots for Airbnb in Australia’s three biggest cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We also cover which types of properties perform the best in these cities and how you can make sure that your offer matches the demand in 2019. All data is provided by the MadeComfy team.

Discover current trends for short-term rentals in your city this year.


Sydney is Australia’s most popular city for short-term rentals, according to data from Australia’s Short-term Rental Report 2018. The city welcomed 41,000 Airbnb reservations in December 2017. The expectation is that the uptrend will continue in 2019, driven primarily by an increasing number of international and interstate visitors.

In some parts of the city, the number of available hotel rooms is not growing fast enough to keep up with the demand, creating a great opportunity for property owners in these areas to maximise their rental income. As an example, Randwick is a growing suburb and also one of this year’s hotspots due to its proximity to the beach and also the city, making it a highly searched for location by guests. Take a look at the image below to see more about the most demanded areas in Sydney.

Sydney trends

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Out of all accommodation booking types, short-term rentals make up 16% of all bookings in the state of Victoria, which is the highest percentage in Australia.

“Melbourne has consistently shown that if you have the right property, marketed correctly and managed well, the returns in percentage terms are very strong, especially for apartments in the inner city and inner suburbs,” explains our General Manager for MadeComfy Melbourne, David Powell.

High-end CBD properties with extra features such as a pool, lounge, or gym have become a considerable demand-driver and a worthwhile consideration for many property owners due to the scarcity of properties with similar features within the city.

One and two-bedroom character-filled apartments in the inner suburbs are also top performers because of their ability to stand out from the crowd in a market that is often saturated with clinical new-build apartments.

Melbourne Trends

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Even though Sydney and Melbourne are the short-term rental market leaders in Australia, Brisbane’s property owners have a distinct advantage over their southern counterparts - the weather. The city’s warm climate will continue to generate visitors all year round, especially during winter and spring, when travellers from colder regions of Australia look for warmer destinations.

The city’s climate is not the only reason why property owners enjoy a stable demand for their rentals. Brisbane’s properties are highly sought after by business travellers due to city’s status as Queensland’s business hub. Apart from that, Brisbane is a midway stop for for tourists travelling between the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, two of Australia's top tourist destinations.

These and other factors make the city less affected by seasonality than both Sydney and Melbourne, and create many short-rental opportunities for property owners with investments in Brisbane.

Brisbane trends

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MadeComfy is a property management and hospitality company specialising in short-term rentals. We offer a complete end-to-end service package that includes marketing of the property, managing the rental process, coordinating cleaning and linen change-over, and acting as the primary contact for guests. To know more about us, visit our homepage: https://madecomfy.com.au/ 

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