Australia is getting vaccinated, here's what's next

COVID-19 vaccination rates in Australia are surging ahead and fast closing the first thresholds toward ending lockdowns and re-opening borders.
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Canberra emerges as one of Australia's most resilient short-term markets in 2021

Canberra's Airbnb accommodation and short-term rental market has been consistently topping 2021 as one of Australia's best performing cities, with MadeComfy's ACT properties averaging an occupancy rate of 81% between January to June, while average daily rates booked in June 2021 for MadeComfy Canberra listings ranged between $124 to over $200 for one-bedroom to three-bedroom and larger properties respectively.

Canberra's short-term rental market has shown to be highly resilient to temporary Covid-19 travel restrictions (including those imposed on travellers arriving from other states), as guests to this market are driven by work (particularly in the Australian Public Service), education, business engagements and relocation. 


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canberra property investment 2021Image: Beautiful 2-Bed Unit with BBQ Balcony and Lake Views in Belconnen

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Canberra's local economy has performed strongly throughout 2021 and as at May, the ACT recorded an unemployment rate of just 3.6% - the lowest among all states and territories in that month*.


ACT leads Australia's unemployment rate (May 2021)*

*Source: Australian Labour Force Survey.


Federal government workers have driven strong demand for flexible accommodation alternatives to traditional long term rentals and leases, particularly as many are on fixed contract terms, or recently moved into the city and require a base to stay until they find more permanent accommodation.

Canberra has also benefitted from very low numbers of detected Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, and successfully avoided strict lockdowns since May/June 2020.


ACT leads in relative economic growth

Source: Commsec State of the States Report April 2021.

In Commsec's latest State of the States report, the ACT has led every other state for relative economic growth in state final demand (household + equipment spending) in the year to December 2020, supported by its firm job market and new workers moving into the state for short and mid-term contracts.



canberra airbnb rental 2021

Image:Canberra City Unit with Stunning Balcony Views Over Mount Ainslie and Gym

book canberra airbnb property


Airbnb market data - average occupancy rate trend 2020 - 2021



Source: AirDNA

Based on market-wide data from AirDNA, occupancy rates for short-term rentals in the ACT have remained above 75% every month for the year to date June 2021, and outperformed all other capital city markets even through the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns between March - May 2020 where mid-term stays between 1-3 months were particularly popular.


Airbnb market data - average nightly rate trend 2020 - 2021



Source: AirDNA

Average nightly rates have been increasing consistently since the end of lockdown restrictions last year in May. Across all property sizes, Canberra average nightly rates were $185 in June 2021, up +23% YoY. 


Best places to invest for short-term rentals in Canberra, 2021

With high short-term rental earnings, consistent occupancy rates and relatively low purchase values compared to other major capital cities, Canberra apartments between one to three bedrooms around the Inner North and South, Belconnen, Woden and Gungahlin regions represent the best opportunities for Canberra property investors seeking to achieve higher yields in the short-term rental market.

Below are some of the top performing Canberra suburbs by short-term rental occupancy rate over the last 12 months:

Suburb Average Occupancy Rate
Braddon 84%
Turner 83%
Belconnen 78%
Kingston 78%
Gungahlin 77%
Barton 77%
Bruce 77%
Campbell 74%
Phillip 74%
Lyneham 74%

Source: AirDNA


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