How to write the perfect Airbnb listing [Guide]

The most successful Airbnb listings use the property’s distinctive features to appeal to its target audience. Thus, property owners should understand the demographics of their typical guest ...
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Hospitality Industry Social Media Trends 2017

In the era of social networking, the use of social media and user reviews have a far-reaching impact on the buying decisions of consumers across all industries and hospitality is no exception. The role of social media now plays a key part in providing consumers with a seamless travel experience; from the way they research and book their accommodations, to the way they post reviews and have on-going post-purchase interactions with the brand.

Businesses now have to play an active role on social media and readily participate in conversations. This includes monitor and responding to ongoing discussions about the brand at any time, in an effort to humanise the brand and make it more 'social'.

In this graphic, we will explore the impact of social media on businesses while highlighting some of the opportunities that the hospitality industry presents.

social media impact hospitality industry infograph.pngsocial media impact hospitality industry short term rental MadeComfy
Marketing Strategy Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.02.22 pm.png

“We’ve made social media a part of our business. Often social media is where our customers find us for the first time and/or gain a level of social-proof while researching about MadeComfy before contacting us. Therefore we try our best to present our story in the most consistant and professional way as per our brand guide to build trust from the outset. Different social media platforms are used to reach different audiences hence we think of specific persona in mind depending on the platforms. Our learnings to achieve high social engagement are (1) having delightful and enticing content (2) doing constant analysis for user behaviours, testing and optimising (3) running a little bit of advertising to boost impact. Managing multiple social platforms properly can often be labour intensive so we use automation tools as well as a topic monitoring tool when preparing and curating content."

social media impact hospitality industry short term rental CMO MadeComfy
Nina Jung, MadeComfy CMO

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