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Tim Medway By Tim Medway • July 28, 2017

Meet The Madecomfy Team: Maria Li - Business Intelligence

MadeComfy’s newest recruit Maria Li joins our team bringing her extensive experience from the finance and trading industry.

In her 10 years of working in finance and trading, Maria has worked for reputable companies such as JP Morgan and Optiver in the area of risk management.  Every day Maria would assess the market exposure of trading strategies and the positions held by these companies' portfolios.

When asked why Maria was excited to join the MadeComfy team, she said: “The opportunity came up to build the data analytics for MadeComfy as well as to work on property styling. For me it was the perfect marriage of utilising my skills in analysis and creativity, so I leapt at the chance. I love the challenge of working in a start up and especially with a team that is so passionate and committed to creating Australia's most trusted short term rental company”.

We’re excited to have Maria take on this role and join us on our journey to achieve this!

To date Maria has already helped MadeComfy through building a dynamic pricing engine which can factor in long term seasonal trends, as well as short term supply and demand data. By understanding the key drivers of supply, demand and seasonality, our properties have been able to achieve an average of 40% higher return than a self-managed property. 

We're expecting great things from Maria so watch this space in coming weeks!

MadeComfy provides an end-to-end property management service, which means property owners don’t need to do a thing when they hand over their keys. MadeComfy makes the process of earning greater returns from short-term renting effortless, achieving 40% more than long-term rentals and self-managed Airbnb listings. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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