5 best areas in the Sunshine Coast for Airbnb property investment 2020

Well known for its pristine coastline and peaceful hinterlands, the Sunshine Coast is fast developing into a major tourism hot spot. The key hubs for short-term rental properties in the city...
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'Open for business' - $76m in funding to kick-start Australian tourism in 2020

In the wake of unprecedented bushfires affecting communities across Australia from October 2019, Tourism Australia this week announced it will use $76m in government funding to kick-start tourism among domestic and international travellers, which will give a significant boost to booking demand for Airbnb and short-term rental accommodation in 2020.

The funding grant will be a crucial campaign for Australia to rebuild and continue growing an industry which has become the country's fourth largest export sector, as world media has turned its attention to images of bushfire destruction.

The grant is part of the National Bushfire Recovery Fund, and will be broken down into the following initiatives:

  • $20 million for a domestic marketing campaign encouraging Australians to holiday in Australia and provide support specifically to affected communities and regions, as well as more broadly the entire industry affected by the downturn.

  • $25 million funding increase for Tourism Australia to carry out an international marketing campaign to protect and restore Australia’s reputation as an international tourism destination, by reinforcing to global audiences that Australia is safe and open for business

  • $9.5 million in increased funds for Tourism Australia’s International Media Hosting Program that brings international media outlets, leading television shows and print media to Australia to see firsthand that most of Australia is unaffected by fires, open for business and welcoming visitors.

  • $6.5 million increased funding support for the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE), which brings together Australian tourism businesses, tourism wholesalers and retailers from around the world through a combination of scheduled business appointments and networking events. 

  • $10 million for a regional tourism events initiative, and

  • $5 million in funding to support the mobilisation of a global diplomatic network

Return of blue skies

With significant rainfall across New South Wales and Victoria from mid-January bringing a welcome relief for firefighters and communities in fire affected regions, the campaign should be well-timed to generate higher accommodation demand from domestic and international visitors. 

sydney tourism photosCredit: @Sydney Instagram


The single largest funding component ($25 million) for the new grant will focus on the international tourist market, aimed at reinforcing the country's global image as safe, beautiful and welcoming.

A continuing weakness in the Australian dollar will also assist in maintaining competitiveness as an international visitor destination throughout 2020.

As the popularity and preference of using Airbnb over commercial hotels continues to grow, property owners in key locations are well placed to take advantage of renewed demand for short-term accommodation rentals across Australia in 2020. 


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