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MadeComfy property styling case study : Collaroy home part three

(Welcome to the final blog of our three-part series on the property styling and transformation of a home in Collaroy. Stay tuned to witness the unveiling of this beautiful home in Modern Hamptons Style!)

We have often seen our investment properties near tripling its rental returns after our styling make-over. So what are the secrets, you may ask? Th.e secret lies with the talents behind the process! To understand what goes into the transformation, I have followed and interviewed MadeComfy's in-house experts, Maria and Marty to bring to you the fascinating process of how they go about turning our Collaroy home into a delightful short-term accommodation.

Following on from the previous posts on Design inspiration and mood board creation (Part one) and Furniture and artwork sourcing (Part two), today's post will focus on the exciting final stage of property styling: Installation and transformation.

Installation and transformation
Upon careful sourcing and purchasing of the furniture and artwork pieces, the final stage of the project is the assembly and installation of flat-pack as well as custom-built items.

The transformation process
Watch how our team styled and furnished the living space and master bedroom

The challenges
While this seems to be the most crucial and exciting phase of transformation, it also happens to be the most tedious one.
As identified by Maria and Marty, these are some challenges of the assembly process:
  • The need for a team of skilled installers to efficiently assemble all furnitures without error
  • Massive accumulation of rubbish from unpackaging creates mess
  • The stress of working under time constraint to complete assembly in a short span of time

However, with a strong team behind you, it is possible to fully transform your property with a minimum downtime while not compromising the quality of the design.

Property styling with MadeComfy
Our furnishing and styling team at MadeComfy has a vast experience in interior styling and are dedicated to transforming your property to give guests a beautiful place to stay.

We have a well-structured and thorough operational process in place to ensure that your property can be fully transformed into an ideal short-term accommodation, within 3 weeks.

Our styling process entails:

1. Home inspection
2. Design inspiration and moodboard creation
3. Furniture and artwork sourcing
4. Purchase and delivery
5. Assembly and installation
Professional photography to capture essence of property
Copywriting and creation of a beautiful listing

Working with our experienced team would save you time and frustration from the hassle of styling your property, and also allow you to boost your rental yield!

8 Beach Road, Collaroy-28-1.jpg

Designer Tips Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.02.22 pm.png
Property styling is often overlooked but it is so important becasuse it makes your property stand out from the crowd, allows you to secure more future bookings, and be able to charge a higher rent!”
maria li madecomfy interior designer property furnishing and styling
Maria-Li, MadeComfy

Loved this blog post? Tell us your favourite part of this furnishing style!

Listing your short-term rental listing on different portals such as Airbnb is already difficult, why would you make it extra difficult to invest that much time in furnishing and styling of your holiday home or investment property if MadeComfy can do this for you? MadeComfy takes all the hassle and stress away, so you can focuss on things that really matter. 

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