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MadeComfy property styling case study : Collaroy home part two

(Welcome to Part 2 of our three-part series on the property styling and transformation of a home in Collaroy. Stay tuned to witness the unveiling of this beautiful home in Modern Hamptons Style!)

We have often seen our investment properties near tripling its rental returns after our property styling make-over. So what are the secrets, you may ask? The secret lies with the talents behind the process! To understand what goes into the transformation, I have followed and interviewed MadeComfy's in-house experts, Maria and Marty to bring to you the fascinating process of how they go about turning our Collaroy home into a delightful short-term accommodation.

Following on from the previous post on Design inspiration and mood board creation, where you learned about the way Maria and Marty documented the pre-styling status and conceptualised their visual ideas, today's post will focus on the next steps of property styling: Furniture and artwork sourcing.

Furniture and Artwork sourcing

A valuable trait of all successful interior stylists is their ability to access numerous contacts and suppliers to discover and supply quality furniture, artwork and accessories for their customers' home.

Likewise, our in-house experts Maria and Marty have worked hard to forge close relations with our suppliers.

The main suppliers of this property styling project to the Modern Hamptons Style are:

Shack - Shack is a leader in the lifestyle industry and sources items of beauty from across the globe. We obtained exquisite pieces of large furnitures, couch, side tables, and artwork pieces here.

8 Beach Road, Collaroy-9 (1).jpg

Freedom - Freedom carries a broad range of furniture that caters to all styles, and inspires home owners to express their individuality. We felt that Freedom was the ideal destination to get our supply of soft furnishings such as cushions and lamps. 
8 Beach Road, Collaroy-19.jpg

Barbeques Galore - Barbeques Galore is the leader in barbeque retailing, and specialises in outdoor furnitures. This was where we purchased high-quality barbeque equipments, alfresco and dining set for the outdoor area of the Collaroy home.
8 Beach Road, Collaroy-3.jpg

Victoria’s Basement - Victoria's Basement is an iconic store in Queen Victoria Building that sells a variety of famous cookware and kitchenware brands. We visited the store and purchased fine, luxurious kitchenware pieces for the kitchen and dining space.
8 Beach Road, Collaroy-13.jpg

At MadeComfy, we source furniture and artwork from at least 10 different suppliers per project, to bring you the finest pieces that are best suited to your home!

Designer Tips Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.02.22 pm.png
Be bold! Don't be afraid to use colorful statement pieces in your home!”
maria li madecomfy interior designer property furnishing and styling
Maria-Li, MadeComfy

Loved this blog post? Tell us your favourite part of this furnishing style!

Be sure to stay tuned for Part Three of this blog, where we continue on this property styling journey and reveal to you the final steps of how our in-house experts go about assembling and installing the furnitures and artwork pieces!

Listing your short-term rental listing on different portals such as Airbnb is already difficult, why would you make it extra difficult to invest that much time in furnishing and styling of your  investment property if MadeComfy can do this for you? MadeComfy takes all the hassle and stress away, so you can focuss on things that really matter. 

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