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How to rent a property on Airbnb?

The globally increasing demand for short-term rental properties has brought a great opportunity for property owners who want to maximise their rental income.  But as a property owner, what do you have to do to rent your property on Airbnb or other booking portals? Discover in our guide!

We created a guide packed with tips and insights for running short-term rentals successfully so that property owners can do it like a pro. 

Creating a listing on Airbnb is one thing, but having it prepared to receive short-term rental guests is another. Managing short-term rentals is a time-consuming task: you have people checking in and out frequently and your property needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each guest stay. On top of that, you also need to communicate with your guests in timely manner, accept bookings and organise the key exchange. With the experience of managing over 600 short-term rental properties across Australia, we estimate that it can take approximately 20 hours to get everything set up before having the listing online and 15 hours to manage the process on a weekly basis, after the initial setup is done.

In our guide, Everything you need to know about preparing your property for short-term rentals, we included a step by step process that you can follow so nothing is left unprepared for.  

Click below to download your copy of the guide. 

 STR v11

Here is a quick overview of what we cover:

  1. How to furnish your property: Did you know that furnishing and styling have a huge impact on rental earnings? We explain why allocating a budget to do furnishing and styling properly is a worthy investment. 

  2. How to write an effective listing: Airbnb listings have to be catchy and descriptive. The highlights of your property have to be right on the title. We share our tips on how to structure the copy to focus on the most important features of your property.

  3. How to do maintenance and housekeeping right: What are the must-haves in your property? How often should you inspect the property? What is a deep clean and why do you need it? There are a lot of topics we cover in the property maintenance and housekeeping chapter.

  4. Guest management before, during and after a check out: A timely communication with guests is fundamental for short-term stays. We share with you the best practices for before and after bookings and include some top tips on adding extras that guests will love.

  5. How to maximise your rental income: Setting up the nightly rate can be a struggle for someone who is just getting started. We cover how to apply dynamic pricing which takes into consideration factors such as seasonality, the calendar and the market price to calculate the right price for your property.

The guide Everything you need to know about preparing your property for short-term rentals is a must-read for having your property all set to receive the first short-term rental guests.

Click on the button below to download the guide for free.

Download The Guide

Preparing a property yourself for short-term rentals can be time-consuming and overwhelming. As a property owner, you want to offer your guests an extraordinary experience, so planning ahead is fundamental. If you need a hand in managing your property for short-term rentals, learn more about our Airbnb management services and don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. 

MadeComfy provides an end-to-end property management service, which means property owners don’t need to do a thing when they hand over their keys. MadeComfy makes the process of earning greater returns from short-term renting effortless, achieving 40% more than long-term rentals and self-managed Airbnb listings. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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