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What to offer Airbnb guests - [7 essential tips]

Most property owners can easily convert their place to an Airbnb for travelling guests by following simple steps. For guests, a lot of planning goes into flight reservations, car rentals, tour reservations, and more; so having a great experience at an Airbnb is crucial. Here at MadeComfy we are always committed to fulfilling guest satisfaction.

As a vacation rental provider, your goal is to optimise your guest experience, making it stress-free and exciting.

Hostfully offers property managers an easy way to do this by creating a digital or printed guidebook that helps guests understand how to get the most from your property. The guidebook offers information on local points of interest, restaurants and critical property information.

Creating guidebooks on the Hostfully website or app actually isn’t that hard. The Hostfully Guidebook Platform enables thousands of vacation rental owners to create beautiful and branded guidebooks in 80 countries around the world.

At MadeComfy, we provide our property owners and its guests the best possible experience during their stay, and Hostfully is one of the tools we use to achieve the 5 star ranking.

However, whether you use Hostfully or another platform, there are essential components that must go into your guidebook. Let’s take a look at the seven essential items that must be included in any vacation rental guidebook.

  1. Arrival logistics
  2. House manual
  3. Check out instructions
  4. Nearby dining suggestions
  5. Activities and attractions
  6. Bars and nightlife
  7. Shopping options


1. Arrival logistics


The most important element of your guidebook is the logistics information that simplifies the arrival process.

This section of your guidebook should include information such as:

  • Directions to your property - always helpful to provide routes that help the guest avoid traffic.
  • Best modes of travel - train, bus, taxi, or Uber. 
  • Check-in information - such as arrival times and key pickup information.

2. House manual

A house manual is the most important part of your guidebook as it lays the groundwork for guest expectations before and during the guest’s stay.

The house manual portion of your guidebook should include:

  • Details such as the essential home tips
  • House rules
  • How to work appliances
  • HOA rules
  • Emergency information.

In the case of house rules, you’ll want to touch on things such as whether guests can bring friends, pets, the ideal temperature range for the thermostat, and list the areas that are off-limits to guests.

3. Check out instructions


You need to tell your guests about check out times, whether they need to clean their space before departure, where to leave keys, and where to leave essential items. It doesn’t hurt to provide a note encouraging the guest to leave feedback and offer suggestions for future guests.

Make sure guests know the best routes, times, and modes of transportation to get back to the airport so they aren’t late. Also, if there are factors that affect their departure, be prepared to assist.

4. Nearby dining suggestions


Local food is something all guests are looking for when planning a trip. Even if your space has a kitchen or kitchenette, remember, guests want to escape household chores when travelling, and this includes cooking. Most travellers will prefer having a nice meal out.

Who better to provide that expert information than a local? Tell your guests your tips for the best local dining and attractions. Then, make it as accessible as possible so it’s available on their smartphones.

When listing nearby dining options, make the information easy and divide the list into categories such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From there, go beyond review sites such as Yelp, and offer recommendations about restaurants that are overlooked by tourists. But also, you can use your own personal opinion, this will make your guest feel more welcomed and a part of that environment. Explain why you like these spots, and what’s special about them. Remember, you’re the expert.

5. Activities and attractions


Similar to nearby dining options, when providing information on activities, don’t just list nearby touristy activities. Provide suggestions on venues and activities that are commonly overlooked by tourists but frequented by locals.

Guests are looking for authentic experiences, so tell them about popular places where local people go and have fun, or hidden attractions that most tourists wouldn't know about.

Rather than just providing a list of things to do, offer tips on best arrival times, routes to avoid traffic, how to get discounts and include photos to showcase the experience. These extra fine touches will go a long way in making your guest feel well-cared-for and important.

6. Bars and nightlife


Sharing nearby bars and clubs is another way to help guests make the most of their stay.

In this section of your guidebook, make sure to include details on venue dress codes, and entry costs. It’s also helpful to mention general drink prices, so guests can cover the cost of a visit comfortably.

When listing venues, provide suggestions that locals enjoy, that are commonly overlooked on popular review sites.

7. Shopping options


Travellers often want or need to purchase goods and gifts. Guests most commonly want to buy souvenirs for their family and friends back home.

Even though hosts provide toiletries and other essentials, occasionally, a guest might forget or lose something during their trip. Other times, they’ll want to purchase food from local markets.

As you put together this section of your guidebook, think about what travellers need the most during their trip—groceries, pharmacy, electronics, unique souvenirs, etc. This will facilitate your guests' search and will make their stay even more pleasant, increasing your good reviews.

Simplifying the guidebook creation process

Although the guidebook creation process might sound overwhelming, with the right tools, it’s easier than you would expect.

Once you’ve created your guidebook, you should share it with all your guests. Solutions such as the Hostfully Guidebook Platform enable rental owners to create print and digital guidebooks that are accessible and branded.

Image result for hostfully guidebook

When listing your home on Airbnb, keep in mind everything needs to be ready for your guests' arrival. You can find more information on what guests really want here. As an Airbnb property management company, MadeComfy helps you achieving best satisfaction from your guests, therefore rising your occupancy rate.

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