Australia is getting vaccinated, here's what's next

COVID-19 vaccination rates in Australia are surging ahead and fast closing the first thresholds toward ending lockdowns and re-opening borders.
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Rental property maintenance - What to avoid overlooking as a property owner

Winter is on its way and brings along the spirit of renewal. Considering that the rental occupancy is expected to be lower during this time of year, it’s the perfect time to check up on your property. Rental repairs and inspections are often overlooked by property owners, even though they are crucial for keeping a successful Airbnb listing and providing a great guest experience.


Maintaining a good state of repair in your property is vital, and at MadeComfy we are lucky to have our Maintenance Coordinator and property inspection guru Victor Prabhakar.

We’ve spoken to Victor on what people tend to overlook in terms of maintenance, how a yearly inspections schedule should look like and some must-have tools for your property.

    Q&A with our maintenance expert Victor

What are some of the fundamental things that people tend to overlook when it comes to maintenance in their properties?

Victor: The root cause of a problem is usually overlooked. People tend to fix the damage first rather than to investigate as to why it occurred. It's very important to maintain a history of all problems in the property to understand if it’s something that reoccurs. For instance, if the wallpaper is peeling off, it might be that there is a leak in the apartment above. Instead of simply painting the wall over again, you should try to understand what is behind the reoccurring issue. This will help you avoid maintenance costs on the long run. 

What do you think a yearly property maintenance schedule should look like?

Victor: Preventive maintenance is very important. There are a lot of factors to consider in regards to the type of property and the location. Ideally, a maintenance schedule should look like this:


How do you handle maintenance emergencies?

Victor: First thing to do is to ensure nothing else in the property is affected by this problem. An issue such as a broken window could compromise security, so immediate action is required in such case. Problems as these should be fixed on the same day. It is also wise to have a contact list of trusted tradesmen who you can call 24/7 for any maintenance emergencies.

Any special tips for maintenance of outdoor areas such as pools, gardens and balconies?

Victor: Outdoor maintenance such as pool and garden must be scheduled ahead of time. Major tasks to carry out are lawn mowing, cleaning dead leaves and checking if the outdoor furniture hasn’t been damaged.  In case your property has a swimming pool, you don’t want algae to build up and disappoint your guests. Consider using quality cleaning products and replace the filter when necessary.

How do we deal with maintenance jobs at MadeComfy? 

Victor: For the properties we manage at MadeComfy, we do regular property inspections with digital checklists to keep track of things and streamline our operations. The use of a detailed checklist allows us to guarantee a consistent maintenance service. When issues are reported, we have our staff attend to it asap. We also check on the status of preventive maintenance and work closely with tradesmen partners on any urgent jobs.

All MadeComfy properties have a dedicated house guide for guests. In the house guide, there is a quick troubleshooting manual for problems that might arise during a guest stay. What’s included and why every property owner should have one?

Victor: The troubleshoot guide includes instruction manuals for all major appliances in the property, such as instructions for using the fuse box, gas shut off valve, hot water system and water shut off valve. It also has handy tips on what to do if the Wi-Fi goes off. It is essential to mention emergency procedures for all sorts of scenarios: what to do in case of a fire, or when someone gets hurt during their stay, for instance.

Final rule of thumb?

Victor: Always keep records of all issues that have come up and invoices of the work done. Most jobs come with warranty and your records will becomes handy if the same issue arises within a specific time frame. Always check with tradesmen attending the job on warranty details.

Everything you need to know about preparing your property for short-term rentals

We have included a chapter in our free e-guide “Everything you need to know about preparing your property for short-term rentals” (click here to download), explaining into detail how to stay up to date with your property’s maintenance.

          Victor_blogpost2After graduating, Victor worked as mechanical engineer and has lived and worked all around the world. Here at MadeComfy, he is responsible for the coordination of maintenance, weekly inspections and prompting repairing services.

Keeping a good property maintenance schedule is fundamental, but this is also a time-consuming task. As an Airbnb host you should maintain your property’s highest standard possible, so considering going for a property rental specialist such as MadeComfy, that not only rents out your property on your behalf but also manages the regular care your property needs. We see your property as your biggest asset.

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