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Top 10 romantic home decor tips

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Instead of splurging on luxurious hotels and exquisite dining places, how about keeping it honest and simple this year?

Prepare a pleasant surprise for your loved one by putting up decorations and transforming your home into a romantic sanctuary. You might just be surprised by how easy it actually is... Sometimes, it is the smallest things you do that have the greatest impact and sweetest impression on your loved ones.

Get inspired by these top 10 easy home decor tips to set the perfect romantic mood for your loved one!

The entrance and hallway

1. Rose petals trail
rose petal trail romantic home decor tips.jpg
Pave the way for your special someone by sprinkling a carpet of red rose petals through the romantic sanctuary. 

2. Fairy lights
fairy lights  romantic home decor tips.png 
A cascade of gorgeous fairy light gives a romantic ambience and it makes the space feel more magical and fun. 

The dining room

3. Table linen
 table linen red romantic home decor tips.jpg
Set a tablescape that would leave an unforgettable impression on your loved one. Use passionate red hues of table linen that would have a good contrast with the delicate colour tones of your tableware, and combine with pretty crafts and decorations.

4. Sparkling champagne
sparkling champagne romantic home decor tips.jpg
Start an amorous evening with a romantic candle lit dinner and a bubbly glass of champagne, which is inexorably linked to romance and luxury.

The bedroom

5. Decorative plush cushions
valentines plush cushion romantic home decor.png
Embrace the concept of a romantic bedroom whole-heartedly by decorating it with vibrant red heart-shaped plush cushions.

6. Bedroom swan
bedroom swan towel rose petal heart romantic home decor tips.png
Add an element of fun, intimacy and elegance  and delight your special someone by decorating the bedroom with a pair of kissing swan towels, and a giant heart-shaped rose petal arrangement!

The bathroom

7. Scented candles
scented candle purple romantic home decor tips.jpg
Placing soothing scented candles around the bathroom not only adds soft light to your evening, but also enhances the sensual experience and eases you into a romantic mood.

8. Decadent bath products
luxury decadent bath product romantic home decor tips.jpg
Pamper your loved one with a fragrant spa bath that promises to leave him or her feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The pool

9. Floating brunch platter
floating brunch platter romantic home decor tips.jpg
Enjoy your romantic moments in style with a delectable platter of coffee, tea, juice, fruits and pastries served on a floating tray in your private pool!

10. Heart-shaped float
heart shape float red romantic home decor tips.jpg
Make your pool experience effortlessly fun with a vibrant red float shaped in a heart. It can also serve as a unique keepsake for your special someone.

If you are looking for ideas on planning a romantic midweek getaway to surprise your loved one, be sure to catch up on Part One of this blog, where we shared our romantic lineup of events for a staycation contest that we organised for Valentine's 2018! They include details about our romantic staycation, indulgent couple spa massage, and an exclusive private chef fine dining experience!

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