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What makes people click on an Airbnb listing?

It’s that time of the year, where you want to rent your place on Airbnb while you go away on your Christmas holiday, to pay back your trip holiday expenses.
That’s a smart idea! But you are not alone and among all the similar listings in your area, how can you make sure that people are going to click on yours and not on your neighbour’s one? I will give you my top 4 Airbnb tips on how to increase your click rate on your Airbnb listing to maximise your short-term rentals. Here are the actions that you have to take to catch your audience’s eye at first sight:

  • Take stunning professional photos
Unit 1002, 157 Redfern street, Redfern Bedroom Chair Cushion Window Glass Light Lamp Yellow White Grey Black Green

87-230 Elizabeth Street,Surry Hills-4 Living room white grey brown wooden TV light lamp cushion towel table carpet picture




Photos are the number one factor of success for maximising clicks on your Airbnb listing. Indeed, images are usually the first thing that people look at while scrolling down on the Airbnb listings, hence the number one factor that will make them click on a listing. That being said, you’d better make sure yours stand out!

My success tips for having stunning professional photos of your place:

- Take bright photos with a natural light: make sure to take your photos on a sunny day, at the time when your place is the brightest.

- Make your rooms look spacious, clean and neat: make sure you take your photos with a wide-angle camera and remove as many useless objects as possible. Guests will check if the place seems clean and tidy, but also if the listing offers enough free space to put their own belongings. If the room already looks overloaded, it won’t be appealing to them.

- 10 photos are the golden number. Uploading more than 10 photos is usually redundant and overwhelming for the visitors, but less than 10 is usually frustrating as people still like to have a precise idea of where they are going to stay. Choose the 3 first photos carefully as they are determinant for the impression that they are going to make on the visitors. In total, 10 photos are an ideal number; while less can be frustrating for the guests.

Last but not least, uniqueness is a key success factor. Danny, a Superhost and former Airbnb employee ensures that: “A good cover photo isn't enough. It must also be unique. For example, if you search Airbnb for accommodations in Bali, you'll see 90% of homes have a 'good' cover photo. But, they're all the same. They all show off the pool. In that market, a pool is no longer a sellable feature because the guests will get that with any listing. Choose a photo that makes your listing stick out from your competitors. If they go bright, you go warm. If they go outdoors, you go indoors.”

  • Write a catchy title

Complementary to the photos, the title is the second determinant factor that will catch people’s attention and make them click on your listing.

Be creative! To stand out from the crowd, look up for other listings in your area and come up with a unique title highlighting something specific about your place that others may not have.

Here is a good example of a catchy headline:Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 4.34.12 pmIt raises your curiosity, doesn't it?

  • Come-up with a clear and dynamic description

Congratulations! Your photos and title were attractive enough to have a few visitors click on your listing as they are interested in knowing more. Don’t disappoint them. Write a description that will confirm their first positive impression. Here are the steps to follow:

- Have a clear idea of your ideal target audience and try to anticipate what aspects of your offer will be most appealing to them. What does their dream stay look like?

- Use bullet points and remain straight to the main points. Visitors are most likely to scroll down quickly when checking your description, so you want to make sure that they get most of the information you want to give them.

- Try to limit the use of subjective adjectives such as “nice and big” bed. Not everyone has the same idea of what “big” and “nice” is. Instead, give an objective description such as the size of the bed or any other objective feature.

  • A five-star rating

You will get a rating after hosting your first guests. It is highly important to make sure you get a 5-star review on your listing as ratings are an increasingly important decision factor online. People are used to check ratings for barely everything they purchase. To do so, make sure you don’t deceive the guests from what you sell them on your offer, and be available to answer any of the questions they might have during their stay.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 4.47.25 pm

You now have all the tips in your hands to ensure people to click on your Airbnb listing.

Does that sound like too much hassle and time-consuming?

MadeComfy, a company that provides Airbnb management  in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can help you out and take care of everything for you.

What MadeComfy offers:

- Property styling: we do this with the aim of making the property a unique and distinctive place to stay. We also supply top-quality linen, pillows and towels to all of our properties and restock amenities between every guest stay. We also advise our property owners on what little extras they can provide to go above and beyond to really wow their guests.

- A professional photoshoot: after the property styling, one of our professional photographers will take photos of your home in a way that will make it stand out from other listings in accordance with the tips that have been previously mentioned.

- Listing creation and constant pricing optimization: after creating your listing, we use our booking data and trends to set the nightly rate of our properties right in the sweet spot - high enough that it maximises the owner's returns, but not so high that it hurts the occupancy rate.

madecomfy guide to preparing your home for short-term rentals 

If you have any questions or you want to get started and find out how much your property could earn, give us a call on 1800 526 133 or send us a message!

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