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Airbnb Cleaning Checklist App

At MadeComfy, our professional cleaners diligently follow a detailed checklist, ensuring our short-term rentals match the high standards guests expect. We understand that cleaning for short-term rentals is vastly different from a typical house clean.

When done right, it leads to five-star reviews and boosts bookings, as properties gain a reputation for outstanding cleanliness. But it's more than just cleanliness; it's about creating an environment that exceeds guest expectations, encouraging repeat visits.

To help you achieve this, we've developed an interactive cleaning checklist you can use on any device. Forget about old PDFs, Excel files, or Word documents. This is your handy, pocket-sized Airbnb cleaning checklist app, ready for use anytime, anywhere.

Complete clean
9 tasks
Remove rubbish and place a new bin liner.
Eliminate any cobwebs that are within reach.
Dust the bedhead and frame, then make the bed using hospital corners. Place 2 bath towels for king beds and 1 for single beds neatly on top. (Avoid using decorative pillows or colored blankets.)
Dust, wipe, and polish all furniture in the room.
Remove unwanted items from cabinets and visible areas, such as bags, empty boxes, or any leftover personal items.
Thoroughly clean and polish all mirrors.
Dust all electronic devices and visible surfaces. (Note: Never use chemicals on screens.)
Disinfect all areas frequently touched, like door handles, light switches, power points, remote controls, and A/C panels.
Ensure there are enough pillows, doonas, and mattress protectors for all beds. (Provide 2 pillows for single beds and 4 pillows for king beds.)
10 tasks
Remove all items before starting (e.g., towels, bins, mats, toilet paper, toilet brush, shampoo bottles, etc.).
Vacuum and mop the floor, making sure no smudges or streaks are left.
Take out the rubbish and place a new bin liner.
Clean the shower/bathtub and toilet, including the shower screen, drain, showerhead, and taps (both exterior & interior).
Dry and polish all surfaces.
Clean and polish all mirrors.
Tend to the vanity, including the mirrors and metal frames.
Disinfect all areas that are frequently touched (e.g., door/cabinet handles, light switches, power points, flushers, taps, etc.).
Restock bathroom linen such as bath mats (1 per king bed) and hand towels (1 per king and single bed).
Restock bathroom amenities like toilet paper, soap, conditioner, and shampoo (based on bedroom layout).
16 tasks
Remove rubbish and replace with a new bin liner.
Eliminate reachable cobwebs.
Dust and polish all windowsills.
Clean and polish the inside and outside of the microwave.
Clean and polish the cooktop/stovetop.
Wash and polish the splashback.
Clean and polish the benchtop, and move and polish external surfaces of appliances.
Wipe down all external surfaces (e.g., cabinets, oven, rangehood, fridge, etc.).
Clean and polish the sink and taps (remove mould if needed).
Take care of the oven, both exterior and interior.
Attend to all kitchen appliances, like the microwave, kettle, toaster (including crumbs tray), etc.
Dispose of any opened or unused food items.
Disinfect areas frequently touched (e.g., door handles, light switches, power points, taps, etc.).
Vacuum the entire floor, including corners and edges.
Mop the floor, ensuring no smudges or streaks are left behind.
Clean the coffee machine, remove used coffee pods, and ensure the water filter is empty.
Restock kitchen amenities, such as coffee pods, tea bags, sugar, etc.
Restock kitchen cleaning supplies like dishwashing sachets, tea towels, cloths, etc.
Living Room/Dining Room
8 tasks
Remove rubbish and replace with a new bin liner.
Get rid of reachable cobwebs.
Clean internal windows, including windowsills.
Dust the couch and arrange cushions into a square shape.
Dust and wipe all furniture in the room.
Dust all electronic devices (Note: Never use chemicals on screens).
Clean all mirrors in the room.
Disinfect areas frequently touched, such as door/cabinet handles, light switches, power points, remote controls, A/C panels, etc.
8 tasks
Remove all rubbish.
Get rid of reachable cobwebs.
Clean the BBQ
Dust all railings and any frames.
Disinfect areas that are frequently touched (e.g., door/cabinet handles, light switches, power points, etc.).
Wipe down and neatly arrange the external furniture.
Sweep the floors, ensuring no visible rubbish or leaves remain.
Inspect the spa, pool, garden and clean or maintain if necessary.
1 tasks
Vacuum and mop the floors in all property rooms, including under and behind furniture where easily accessible with appliances.

Your Airbnb Cleaning Kit Essentials

Whether you're a MadeComfy host or a professional cleaner, understanding the right cleaning tools is key. It's not just about saving time or ensuring a thorough clean, but also about setting the stage for the next guests' memorable stay.

From humble basics like a dustpan and broom to specialised allies like a sturdy vacuum cleaner or a microfibre duster, each piece of equipment has its unique role to play.

Think of this as your starting line. As you continue to host, you'll discover more items that fit your specific needs. This isn't just a list, it's your guide to upholding your property's quality and creating memorable guest experiences, time and again.

Your Airbnb Cleaning Product Essentials

As a MadeComfy host or a cleaning professional, a comprehensive cleaning checklist is your secret weapon. With this list of cleaning supplies, you can ensure every corner of your property shines. From a versatile multi-purpose cleaner to an indispensable mould remover, these items ensure high cleaning standards and guest satisfaction, every time.