Avoid Lost Revenue with Smart Scheduling

Posted by MadeComfy Team

Posted by The MadeComfy Team
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Published on Apr 09, 2024

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To empower your decisions around reserving dates on your property's calendar - whether for personal use, viewings, or renovations - we've introduced a new feature that clearly outlines the potential financial implications of these blocks. This way, you can plan with confidence, knowing exactly how your choices affect your returns.

Reserving dates for your property on your Property Owners Dashboard, particularly during high-demand periods such as weekends, events, or holidays, can significantly influence your projected earnings. It's crucial to remember that even a single blocked date could affect the potential for securing extended bookings - for instance, marking off one Friday might impact your revenue opportunities for the whole week.

Have you considered staying in a different property? As a customer of MadeComfy, you receive a special 10% discount on any MadeComfy property you book, and the overall cost might be less than using your own property. This way, you have the flexibility to decide if staying in your property or a different property makes most financial sense.


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