How We Proactively Adapt to Airbnb Policy Changes for Rental Success

Posted by MadeComfy Team

Posted by The MadeComfy Team
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Published on Apr 09, 2024

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This year, the Airbnb platform is prioritising property quality and guest confidence. As one of the most popular platforms worldwide for short term rental listings, here’s what can be expected by our property owners:

Verified Stays for Added Peace of Mind

Going forward, all properties on Airbnb have to be verified. We are pleased to inform you that all properties managed by MadeComfy are already ‘verified’ on the Airbnb platform. This means that the photos and descriptions in the Airbnb listing accurately reflect the property. Airbnb will continue to review and verify property listings this year, and listings that are not verified are likely to be removed from the platform. This will inevitably reduce the number of property listings and overall competition for verified properties.

Commitment to Quality

Over 100,000 low-quality property listings have been removed to ensure consistent guest satisfaction. Airbnb actively evaluates listings after each stay and provides improvement resources and guidelines to Hosts. MadeComfy responds to these guidelines, if and when required, to ensure properties remain active on the platform and actively generating revenue for owners.

New Cancellation Policy

Airbnb updated its extenuating circumstances policy and renamed it to "Major Disruptive Events Policy". The update allows guests to only cancel and receive refunds (even if it contradicts the host's policy) in the case of severe weather events, natural disasters, government travel restrictions, and other large-scale disruptions at the property location (previously it also covered events at the guests departing location). The updated policy aims to be clearer and fairer for both guests and hosts. Notably, Covid-19 and certain situations like airline bankruptcies are not covered.

We understand the value of maximising exposure through popular booking channels and our close partnerships with the main  platforms Airbnb,, and Vrbo mean that we often know about changes before they get publicly announced. This ensures our properties adhere to the latest requirements - minimising the risk of penalties, and maximising booking potential. By staying informed across the board, MadeComfy optimises your property's reach and performance within the ever-evolving short-term rental landscape.


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