MadeComfy Properties Outperform: Higher Occupancy and Returns

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Published on Mar 07, 2024

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MadeComfy is proud to share our continued success in delivering exceptional results for our property owners. Here's a glimpse into our recent performance and what our customers can expect moving forward.

Stronger Performance Compared to Long Term Rentals (LTR)

MadeComfy property owners have enjoyed 48% higher net revenue compared to LTR during the peak December to February period. Reviewing the past 12 months, our properties generated 32% higher net returns. This reiterates the significant potential of short-term rentals (STR) compared to LTR options over a 12 month period; and the importance of having your property professionally managed and priced rather than self managed.

Consistently Surpassing Market Returns

MadeComfy properties achieved over 14% higher returns than comparable properties during the peak season. This continued outperformance is attributed to our optimal dynamic pricing strategies, ensuring properties are priced competitively while maximising revenue potential.

Exceptional Occupancy Rates

Over the New Year’s Eve period, 94% average occupancy was achieved for properties during the New Year's Eve period. In Sydney specifically, occupancy reached an impressive 99%. These figures showcase our dedication to maximising occupancy for our valued customers.

Maximising Returns During Major Events

During the Taylor Swift concert weekend in Melbourne, MadeComfy properties achieved an average of 109% higher returns compared to the same weekend in 2023. This translates to a 2.09 times increase in revenue. Compared to 2022, the average return for Melbourne properties during the concert weekend was 136% higher, reflecting a 2.36 times increase. These results highlight the expertise of our team in securing bookings at optimal rates, not just maximising occupancy.

February: A Record-Breaking Month

February 2024 was our best February in five years, with properties generating an average of 13.5% higher returns compared to February 2023 and 15.5% higher returns compared to February 2022. This continuous improvement reflects our team's commitment to refining strategies and exceeding expectations.

Looking Ahead: March -  Another record setting

As of 5 March 2024, the average revenue for MadeComfy properties is 11% ahead of March 2023 and 16.5% ahead of March 2022, with a faster booking pace. This positive trend indicates the potential for another successful month for our property owners.


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