Leading with Diversity: Perspectives of Women in MadeComfy's Partner Network

Posted by Katherine Truman

Posted by The MadeComfy Team
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Published on Mar 08, 2024

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At MadeComfy, diversity and inclusion are more than just a core focus, they're ingrained in our DNA. Our commitment to diversity isn't just a promise; it's the very fabric of who we are, with gender-balanced German and Venezuelan founders and a team that represents over 30 nationalities and a 50/50 gender split.

Every year, we passionately embrace International Women’s Day, leaning into the conversation it raises. For the last few years, we have held our focus inward, celebrating the remarkable women within our team. This year, we decided to open the net a little wider, celebrating our team while also turning our gaze to our ever-growing partner network. We asked some simple questions and let the women we are so proud to call our partners do the rest. Here’s what they said:

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Recognising there's no more fitting moment for celebration than in the midst of shared adversity.

What has been a career highlight to date:

Leaning into the past to share insights for the future.

What do you believe has helped you become a successful leader?

Believing that accomplished leaders are shaped by the totality of their experiences. "The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein

If you could give our team one tip?

Fulfilment as a woman, manager, mother and everything in between.

Are there any inspiring women/people you would like to mention?

We are moulded by the people in our lives, those who play multifaceted roles as caregivers, educators, mentors, and influencers. Contribute diverse perspectives, values, and experiences that shape our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.

With thanks to Kim - Co-Founder at Rouse Realty, Tine - Team Leader at MadeComfy GX Partner, Belinda - MC Property Owner, Daya - MadeComfy HouseKeeping Partner and Tanya - MadeComfy HouseKeeping Partner.


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