Streamlining the Guest Experience: New Features Enhance Guest App

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Posted by The MadeComfy Team
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Published on Apr 09, 2024

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We're excited to announce two new key features in the Guest App which streamline the check-in process and provide guests with clearer access information.

Combined Key Collection & Check-In Instructions

As a result of customer feedback, we've merged the key collection and check-in instructions into a single pop-up window on the Guest App. This simplifies the process for guests staying at properties where key collection occurs off-site, e.g. via KeyNest.

Upon selecting "Key collection & check-in instructions," guests will first receive clear directions on where and how to collect their key. This is followed by a step-by-step guide for accessing the property itself. This consolidated approach fosters a smoother transition for guests, ensuring they have all the information needed for a seamless arrival.

Improved House Manuals

We're introducing a new feature called “House Manuals” which further improves and simplifies property specific information we provide to guests via the MadeComfy Guest App. These manuals  provide important information about each property and are readily accessible to guests within the Guest App, equipping them with valuable information about their stay.

Continuous Improvement

We're dedicated to continuously improving our Guest App, and the upcoming integration of our new Guest App analytics platform will allow us to analyse usage patterns in more detail and make further adjustments based on guest usage.


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